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Three stories from a unfortunate majority

Equipped – this word can be expressed with envy. It is then a scold word, because during one daily one has to fight for his survival and the retirement provision, the sores of this prere are relieved. But why are they still not happy? A visit to a unfortunate majority.

Everyone knows them: they are over 60, wealthy, arrogant and find everything slice. Jakob Augstein identified her as the core target group of "Alternative for Germany". They, emerged editors, State Secretaries, Ladies, Professors and Managers are those who least need some alternative.

They are at the top of a development lasting since 1945, which has decoupled large parts of the population completely uncoupled from unpleasant existential risks and angelsiaque performance prere. Arms (Hartz IV). Middle (heritageseverance payuncommon). Rich (missed + 8000 euro pension) old. A majority, because even among the 41.5 million acquisitions that Germany has recorded in early 2013, only one third, ie about 14 million under the merciless day-to-day performance prere of the full worker. This does not mean that the other two-thirds are challenged and burdened. The gratification crisis meets everyone. The foundless condition income is rarely perceived as a form of covered-have.

The amazing result of this historically unique along in a worry-free, murderous existence, however, is a dissatisfaction, yes an abdominal thing that screams after explanation. It articulates classworthy, is therefore found in all income statements. Three small stories about three that have covered

The lower: Franz was welcome, but may not

Franz (name changed), 58, three children, from Berlin, lives, now divorced, since 27 years of social assistance. During this time, he experienced how the conditions for disbursement were deteriorated. He woman but of colleagues from Munchen and Hamburg, that Berlin is not necessarily the worst place to relate social assistance: "It is already so that there is a political prere in Berlin to not apply the Hartz IV laws too restrictively. For families, it is still acceptable."

French has no completed training, which, however, did not use him with 58 years. The job offers for security and warehouse work with night shift and fuser class class III can reject because he has no fuser. And because of attested jerk problems. Franz has made films, painted and small shop operated. Loading for art, trodel and the chat with neighbors. Fruhe was the rent for 250 marks. Today costs such invite 700 euros per month.

If he got such a shop, Franz, a small gallery, says a burger shop, he was working there every day. Also ten hours. it fits him. "Mother came to me to drink coffee in the shop. pensioner. Schooltail. Just to talk. Bought the nix."

The work agencies have no answer. Those are sent in business plan training and can get burgales. But a shop for polling is not provided as a Business Case. However, this is completely nonsense, because loading to pollen reduce the opportunity for the opportunity for the capital of the capital of at least net-nominally richest state in the world, which was indulged in 60 billion euros.

Fruher, as not so strictly pronounced, Franz was able to cross the shop with black industry. "I’ve never in sales tax never", Bernert he. Today the goods are punishable.

Franz is aware of his perspectivity that he has provided? "No", he explains, "Icke was even wat, Een Laden Ebent. But Keene coal there." Franz dates from the world of the Kieze des Old West Berlin. In the world of dumping wages for unknown, where had russen, Poland, Bulgarians, Romanians as competitors, he can no longer enter. And so Franz becomes a Hartz IV pensioner. One of his sons studies UBLIGENS. law. With BaFog. He helps Dad already with the jovers against the decisions. Previous success rate: 100 percent.

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