Exhaust fraud: vw supplier iav must pay bub money

Exhaust fraud: VW supplier IAV must pay bub money

In the processing of the fraud in exhaust aftertreatment, the prosecutor Braunschweig has a bub money of ten million euros contrary to the supplier IAV. The Berlin company accept the decision and thus again confesses his role in diesel theme, IAV shared on Friday. The Braunschweiger investigators had previously announced that engineers had involved in the emergence, use and further development of the inothed shutdown equipment.

According to the prosecutor, the developers have helped those responsible at Volkswagen in criminal offenses. The business administration had to prevent this by "suitable organization and supervision". The book consists of two million euros for the actual violation, eight million euros are considered so-called pitching of the economic advantage achieved. The decision is already legally legislative according to the judiciary. The money should be in the Lower Sachsian budget.

IAV is a development service provider for the automotive industry. The company has around 8,000 employees and locations in Europe, Asia and America. The annual turnover was in 2019 at around one billion euros. Current focus is on the field of electromobility and the autonomous driving.

Chronology of the exhaust scandal

Exhaust fraud: VW supplier IAV must pay bub money

In mid-September 2015: The US Environmental Agreement EPA accuses the Volkswagen Group to have equipped diesel cars of the years 2009 to 2015 with a software that explains the exams on US environmental provisions. Similar examination results also came the California Air Resources Board (Carb). Both registrations send complaints to VW. (In the picture: Central of the EPA in Washington D.C.To)

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