Fear here to politics

The Grune Prasident Candidate Ingrid Betancourt, which has been expired in Colombia since the spring, has received the Petra-Kelly Prize

The Petra-Kelly Prize awarded by the Heinrich Boll Foundation received this year the unfused former Colombian Prassadschandatin Ingrid Betancourt. The price was on 13. December in Berlin received from her husband Juan Carlos Lemcompte. Ingrid Betancourt Receives this price for its courageous and committed commitment for human rights in Colombia.

Courage in Colombia to criticize corrupt politicians, the violent paramilitars and the guerrillas, as murders, threats and developing opposite human rights helpers belonging to the agenda. Last year, over 4000 civilians were murdered from political motive, 300 "disappear" and over 1700 were removed. Ingrid Betancourt sat as a prasidential candidate of the Great Party "Oxigeno Verde" for an end to violence and a dialogue with the guerrillas, the paramilitarian groups and the government.

In Colombia there has been Burger War since 1948. Around 60% of the territory is not subject to the control of the government, but is mainly dominated by the two guerrilla groups FARC and ELN as well as their paramilitarian opponents. Challenged the two guerrilla groups FARC and ELN originally justice and social changes, these demands are meanwhile a guise for illegal drug and weapon business. Additional sources of revenue are loose requirements.

In May, the right party won "Movimiento Primero Colombia" With its candidate Alvaro Uribe the elections. However, the turnout was only 44%. With a policy of "hard hand" Will Uribe want to get the conflict under control. Peace Together with the Elters are canceled by the government in June, talking to the FARC were already posted in February 2002 by the government (an accepted violence). A chronicle to the situation in Colombia Since September 2000, Amnesty International published internet on the Internet.

Ingrid Betancourt was in 23. February 2002 remained from the FARC, a few days after completion of the peacekeeping. The FARC campers demand for the freezing of the senator, for 5 more politicians and about. 80 Happow of Police and Army The Farc-Comrades. This rejects the government. On the website for Ingrid Betancourt, the government is kept a lack of no use for your free. The petition for your freezing already have 60.000 people signed by mail.

The Mirror gave the politicians a few days before their remuneration an interview, in which they succeed for the connection between politics and drug mafia: "Fear here to politics, but we can not let us be boundless. The fear is used to get the status quo. I prefer the rage in my heart, which makes me movable".

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