Greece: much confusion on the border

Greece: much confusion on the border

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The attempt of escape implements, asked by a leaflet to penetrate to Macedonia failed

On Monday, the "Kathara Deftera", the beginning of Lent in Greece, almost 2000 escape triggers had tried in a desperation campaign, animated on their own and animated by a dubious leaflet, to cross the border. The attempt failed. However, he excluded numerous political confusions.

With free Wi-Fi access, the Greek government now liked to contribute to the room of the wild camp at the border of Greece at Eidomeni. The internet access should be directed to the escape of the Arab sites of the State Message Agency Athens News Agency and read that their endeavor is futile. However, the Arab sites on the internet priority of the agency are hardly findable.

Tsipras stays in Athens

"The boundaries remain tight. Those who have locked the Balkan route will not open them again", Alexis TsiPras said during the press conference following the state visit of the President Armenia Sersch Sargsjan. He called the escape ramps again to leave Eidomeni. Tsipras called those who distributed a leaflet on Monday with an allegedly secure alternative route as a criminal. they had "a diplomatic chaos and indirectly also to answer the death of three Afghans". However, TsiPras did not do any institutions to study a visit to the Crisis Region.

The command Norbert Blum

To the authors of the question in question "Command Norbert Blum" to find signed aircraft, the Greek police search the Copy shops and print shops in Kilkis and Polykastro. The criminal guideworks hope to come across forensic analysis to the printing machine or printer in question and in turn to get to the authors.

With regard to the authors, wild guesses are widely used. It is the talk of autonomous groups, a targeted provocation and also of an action one of the Eidomeni escape fleetural auxiliary organizations. The press spokesman of the Ministerial Coordination Group for Escape Wars, Giorgos Kyritsis, noted in broadcasting that the leaflet written by Greek border protection policemen written in Arabic language. Because this expression is in Greek, Kyritsis says that foreign groups are behind the action.

Norbert Blum camping at the weekend for a night in the camp, on the other hand, nobody dailies as an initiator of the instructions for illegal breeds. In his chain of argument, however, the suspicion seems that under the initiators could be lockers. Because this is at another opening of the lucrative Balkan route for you.

The text of the flight leaf

According to the official translation, as described by official Greek jobs, is in the leaflet:

"The truths

1. The Greek-Macedonian (Ejr Macedonia) border is closed and remains closed.

2. There will be no buses or greed that you will drive to Germany.

3. The most likely is that those who stay in Greece are deported into Turkey.

4. Anyone who can get an illegal path to the States of Central and Eastern Europe will remain there (Germany still takes flight rates).

5. The most likely is that the camp of Eidomi is lemed in the next few days. It is very likely to bring them into facilities of the Greek government and from there they will be accessed to Turkey.

The solution

1. The fence built in front of them should disorient them so they believe that the boundaries are closed. The fence ends in Funf (5) kilometers from here, where there is no fence that gives you to Macedonia (Ejr Macedonen) anymore. You can go through there (look at the map).

2. If they march in small groups or alone, then the border police or militar will stop them and bring back to Greece.

3. If you collect yourself and get thousands of people at the same time, then the police can not stop them and resume.

Let’s meet on Monday at 14:00 h at the entrance of the camp, so that we all pass the border together. Please have a look at the map so you know the way and the meeting point."

Not included in official translation is the note made on the leaflet that the paper concerned should not be shown policemen nor journalists.

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