Mclaren f1: the end of evolution

Mclaren f1: the end of evolution

The McLaren F1 was considered artwork in 1993. As a most expensive and fastest car in the world. Neither modesty nor understatement stood in the specification. Feather-proof with this project was Gordon Murray. Ideagener was Aziz Ojjeh, a Saudi billion bar who was banned to buy a F5F fighter aircraft. Financing his brother mansour. At Ron Dennis, both of their compensation requested open trunks. But all beginning is now Bruce McLaren.

Because of "Wild Dog"

On 2. June 1970 suddenly goes up one of the bombs and Bruce McLaren is dead. There were danger years for racers. The vehicles were high-speed bombs that exploded regularly. Safety technology and aerodynamics still put in the child shoes. And in McLaren it came back to a support.

At Tempo 270, the rear trim turned his CAN-AM car suddenly high. A bullet with 700 hp and 7.5 liters displacement. The car was constructed so that the rear trim turned backwards, which briefly created a kind of sail, which tore the car angry out of the trail. A huge force. A design error that already raised Gerhard Mitter in the Porsche Carrera 6 in Spa from the route, which is why Porsche put this construction already suddenly to the files.

Bruce McLaren goods have become 33 years old in August. Often he is referred to as a "wild dog" – an equally empty as false phrase. McLaren was considered as one of the safest pilots at the scene. As one who was no risk. He was calm and inconspicuous. That he drove forward, his exceptional talent was owed as a driver and designer.

The exceptional driver

McLaren came in contact with the sport. His father was a garage owner and hobbyist driver. He had bought an Austin Ulster he wanted to restore and sell. Bruce could convince his father to leave him the items. Two years, the then 13-year-old screwed on the pile of rum. In the end, in 1952 at the age of 15, he was able to win the 750 cubic centimeter class at "Muriwai Beach Hill Climb" in New Zealand (his homeland).

Already in 1959 he managed to the Cooper factory driver. In 1965 he fell in love with Jack Brabham Rennstall and joined Ford, who was working on the project LE-MANS dominance. In 1966, McLaren brought the victory at the Sarthe. It was also the year in which he realizes his own Formula One Rennstall. As McLaren 1970, this company, which he maintained with the American Teddy Meyer, continued. Also and above all, because there were plenty of obligations against business partners such as Goodyear, Reynolds and Gulf.

A genius on the career ladder

At the same time went to the formula one of the star of the Gordon Murray. He worked from 1970 at Brabham and thanks to his geniality quickly became chief designer. Helmut Zwickl from the Autorevue Uber Murray once wrote: "He is one of those formula-one brains, which, pressed under prere, had invented the engine that runs with water."

Murray presented an incredible timeline for innovations. Pullrod wheel dependency, fiberglass daughter at the rear (Heureka: contact prere!), a disc brake made of carbon fiber and, quasi his SGT. Pepper: a six-leaf propeller at the rear of the brabham. Like a vacuum cleaner, he held the car on the floor. Niki Lauda strolled so comfortably to victory at the Grand Prix in Sweden that the technology was prohibited immediately again.

In 1986, Murray had collected title and success as an engineer like other people stamps. Then he changed to McLaren and developed the McLaren Honda MP4 / 4. The car won in the season 1988 fabulous of 15 out of 16 races.

The madness and the checkbook

But all that had to be on the strain. At this point Aziz Ojjeh comes into the game. He is rich. Properly. Dagobert-Duck-Mabig. His father was Akram Ojjeh, who had taken one in the so-called the first Olkris 1973. The money, the Saudi Arabia earned by the increased olpreis, invested the country in rustic technology. Ojjeh mediated the business. So you can ame that sonemann Aziz had a rather hefty life.

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