Monitoring: prometheus 2.21 handled the service recognition

Monitoring: Prometheus 2.21 handled the service recognition

Version 2.21 of the Prometheus project managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The update is based on Go 1.15 And some innovations for the service identifier and the UI ready.

The user interface has received a refresher. The current version extends the Alert page by additional fields for labels, notes and the use time (duration). The Rules page of the React UI is instructed to automatically hide these fields when they are empty.

New for the service recognition

In addition, the development team worked behind Prometheus at the Service Discovery (SD). In addition to the possibility of detecting Eureka and Hetzner services, the monitoring tool brings an extension of the SD unit of Kubernetes, which should help the system at work with endpointsLice. Users get the possibility to endpoints to bundling. By doing so, this feature could be interesting for the trap in which individual units must be updated in coarse systems (deployments). Instead of submitting the changes of each individual endpoint, Mam Prometheus 2.21 transfer a smaller object with, for example, 100 endpoints.

The DNS service discovery with the update now also Meta labels for SRV-Record targets and ports. Docker SWARM SD can now obviously support tasks and services without public ports. The UI, the query language of the PROMQL system and the configuration have learned to process composite use times (duration) like 1h15m.

Http / 2 deactivated for the time being

Prometheus 2.21 Disables http / 2 for the time being, as some users are gestable to problems with the federation. There should already be solutions for these problems, but they have not yet done it to the current version. Further information about the update can be found in the Release Notes on Github.

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