New design: “ipad air 4” needs a while

New design:'ipad air 4' braucht noch ein weilchen'ipad air 4' braucht noch ein weilchen

Fresh Apple Tablets have already existed this year: Apple presented in the early year new iPad Pro models. The iPad Air has not happened since the last generation of 2019 but nothing more. According to new frames from Asia, a new edition of the Mittelmaktablet could still take. The reason: Apple plans extensive change of change. Delivery date is alleged Marz 2021.

"A14" from the "iPhone 12"

Like the Chinese-speaking medium Mydrivers from the "foreign" If the supply chain wanted to learn, Apple liked when "ipad air 4" Orient strongly on the iPad Pro line. This is allegedly applicable to the design as well as the functions of the tablet. As a system-on-chip is supposedly a variant of the coming "A14"-Chips from the "iPhone 12" planned, which appeared in autumn.

In addition, Apple is scheduling to build a Smart Connector, among other things, so that a new Magic Keyboard fits the tablet. In addition, four speakers are planned plus the change from the Lightning connection to the USB C-Port.

Almost like an iPad Pro?

The display is supposed to have 11 inches and thus be a bit coarse than at the current iPad Air 3 with its 10.5-inch screen. Memory Regrets are 128, 256 and 512 GB. Previously, it already had information about the use of a 10.8-inch circular screen when "ipad air 4" given. The display ranges should shrink.

Like Apple the "ipad air 4" Then the iPad Pro will settle, remains unclear – USB-C and other professional features are so far reserved as a unique selling proposition. Apple plans to improve the display clearly with micro-LED technology. Mydrivers speculates that such a model (or two variants) could appear in autumn – which in the face of the fact that the lesses were renewed in Marz, unusual goods.

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