New procedure for online business

Even small legs can be settled over the telephone bill

The British telecommunications group Cable Wirelesse Communications, one of the world’s largest providers of telecommunications services, has called together with an ECHARGE a new product that the Web has been able to charge: now even with the new program also small legs on the telephone bill will be compensated.

As long as no suitable payment methods are available, the e-commerce does not quite rise despite all envisions. Many people shy away from chattering, personal data such as credit card information about the internet – and for the debit of penny supporting credit cards are not the appropriate instrument. Cryptography would be a possibility to secure the data, but the closure processes are not yet widely used – and the mi-torque is high. Electronic cash dobbles in front of themselves.

In this situation, the procedure developed by ECHARGE seems to be a solution for money-hungry provider of content on the web. Customers who have simultaneously reduced their provider and come to a site on which an icon of Echarge can be seen, then, if you want to acquire something, click on this. This interrupts the connection to the provider and automatically accessed a connection with an ECHARGE server via a faulty number. When the purchase was tailed, the old connection is automatically made again. That should go fast, but will take a bible. Safeguards will be installed to ensure the first time that the customer has really accepted the costs incurred.

The bonds are then billed in the monthly telephone bills. However, only bodies can only be billed in the high up to a pound. If you want to pay more for individual exemptions, MUB First, the Regulatory History Independent Committee For The Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services (ICSSTIS) grant approval. If even higher terms can be settled, you will also like to sell bookers or CDs or music chocolates for download with this procedure. By the end of the year, the program will be tested. In the next year, it is available.

Mark Heraghty by Cable Wireless says that this program is a new opportunity for web commerce, which benefits both the consumers and the providers and telecommunications companies: "This is an important step in creating the confidence of consumers in the web commerce, creating new commercial opportunities and to create the first time for content and network providers." The advantages of consumers Bestage in it, without paying the transfer of credit card data, an impulsive purchase and small "Quantities" without the compulsion to subscribe to the subscription or to buy the entire offer.

So soon many content providers will no longer only rely on advertising, but to a faulty connection to offer their information, such as individual articles, and to achieve revenue? Anyway, the web users are still rewarded and then grip to offer, which are still offered for free. The high telephone costs will narrow over the willingness to spend more money for information.

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