On the rocks

On the rocks

Arvidsjaur (Sweden), 23. January 2014 – a separate airport for a place near the Polarkreis with only 5000 inhabitants? Arvidsjaur lives from the German automakers, which, among other things, act as a travel price: For example, VW Tours for Autofans conveyed with the Golf R Filth over the Eissee Arvidsjaursjon. We were there.

Minus 23 degrees

I stand at seven o’clock breakfast on the ice cream. The crashing cold eats slowly into me, the thermometer shows minus 23 degrees Celsius. The day before it should have been minus 34 degrees. Around twenty golf R with a running engine on the ice standing in front of me. But that’s just late, first is the Golf Gte in the series. Moment times: Gte, not GTI? Right, one should think of the popular sportsman, but the E stands for electric. At Opel fans, this shortly awakens more memories of sports cars. The Golf Gte becomes a plug-in hybrid. Although the thing can drive up for up to 50 kilometers and we are the first to enter the car today, the display shows only 20 electrical reach – the cold sets the batteries.

Across the plug-in-golf

The electric machine offers with 320 nm as much torque as the 2.0 TDI with 150 hp – but from the first turn and over a wide speed range. The diesel is the smoke zone only between 1750 and 3000 / min small. The power of the E-Motor must first bring the spikereffen to the ice. Together with the 150 hp TFSI engine, there is a system performance of 204 hp, so the model name rightly reminded of the GTI. And so I shivered after a few minutes by car over the blank ice as I hurry in a rally car. But that’s so wanted. Finally, Audi development board Ulrich Hackenberg has only corrected a VW speaker on the event on the event on the event: also the hybrid models of the Group are athletic, said Hackenberg, not just the Golf R! Thus, the VW engineer on the Ruckbank does not protest with no word against the rapid gait. On my only a few minutes – shot tour – more than long – I’ll take a long time to get acquainted with the ice.

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