Sightseeing in paradise?

Impressions of a voluntary helper when used on the Thailand Island group Phi Phi

The team I have since 28.12. Availor, consists of a small group of backpackers who have joined the auxiliary faith. Auber me as a German is an English, American, Greek, Sudafricans and Australians. The entire train consists of about 150 soldiers of the Thailand army and voluntary local aid forces. We have all the short-performance in uniforms of the crowds have been put on and help with the rescue attacks on Koh Phi Phi.

Sightseeing in Paradise?

The location center in Krabi is occupied around the clock. From here, the aids and rescue operations for the island group Phi Phi and the entire Province of Krabi are coordinated. Telephone companies have switched free lines, mobile operators distribute pre-paid cards and set up mobile systems to cover the high network load.

On the ground floor, about twenty-six Internet terminals are set up, where affected people are looking for relocated and the missing lists are processed. The contact points are labeled in English and Thailand. At this central point of contact, volunteers and professional helpers can report. Also a possible effective distribution of auxiliary guidance can be organized here. The crisis rod from police, militar and local agencies is connected via satellite with all focal points in the country. All three minutes will take place a video conference to ensure smooth coordination. In a school on the opposite strap side, a coarse cake is decorated to provide food favers with food.

The sympathy of humans is huge. Almost non-stop rolling vehicles with donations of local population. On scooters, pickups and cars, people can bring everything you can do. The parking in front of the building was overlooked and transformed into a warehouse to accommodate the helpful. The fairs, which actually takes place to the amusement of the population on the New Year’s Day, was redesigned in a huge fundraiser in favor of the victims. All involved donations coarse parts of their parts for the flood victims.

From the location center, the auxiliary faith with helicopters of the Royal Thai Police and quick boats of the Navy break up to the PHI PHI island group upstream of the Kuste. Korean search RESCUE specialists have been informed in the crisis rod and will be flown immediately with the helicopters flying in the shuttle service. One day later also comes the team of the Japanese. Innovably start the crews with the work. The search for missing has now top prioritat. There is no more hope to find surviving. Normally, cavities offer in the recurred building protection. Koh Phi Phi, however, has been flooded by two waves. People who had told the first wave in recent buildings have come to death by the water masses of the second, coarse wave from the north.

Sightseeing in Paradise?

The hospital no longer exists, the numerous one- and two-storey buildings on the sealed section between the AO Tone Sai and the Ao Youn Kasem-Beach are a smell field. Koh Phi-Phi Don is 80% destroyed.

On the lower beach section is only the Cabana hotel created in reinforced concrete construction. On the ground floor there is no furnishing items anymore. The windows are high up to the third floor splintered. The force of the waves becomes clear on a reinforced concrete pan. The concrete is blowing away, only the steel rib is still available.

Electrical energy does not exist anymore, the supply of drinking water has collapsed. The wave has led rough parts of the village into the two rainwater prere bowl basins, the resuming seawater has the dyke then just torn away.

Now mosquito warms over the island. After the residents, staff and tourists were treated and evacuated, they have explained the island to the restricted area. The focus of the work was then focused on the recovery of the dead. You will be brought to identifying the Kustenwache to the mainland.

Also six days after the tidal wave, the immediately flown European specialists were still relevant to the island of Phuket away only a few kilometers away. There, among other things, the professionals of the German BKA spent their stay in the hotel. Only when the salvage work was completed after a few days, the European expert teams suddenly put the pawl in the hand. First, the Swiss DVI (DESASTER VICTIM Identification) appeared. The genetics experts were obviously informed neither at the position bar in Phuket or Krabi.

Also the so-called reception at Pier Phi Phi had not happened. Here disinfectants and protective masks are output as well as distributed with leaflets, and you can find out where location is the now furnished local location center. But these simple facts escaped the Swiss, as their own chartered speedboat ordered directly on the beach of the island. A behavior that also puts the always coarse number of journalists on the day. That one can not expect journalists who can not necessarily comply with epidemic standards, maybe still light up, but a team of experts should not permit such a fauxpas. After a multi-piece photosafari you could also hear comments of the species: "Hopefully the Thais learn something out." Then the experts drove back with the speedboat. An insert that makes utmost useful when you want to fuel the memory card of its digital camera.

A fact in the astonishment of local aid to have the most European experts together: they all appear in the chartered speedboat to be on site quickly. Such a boat puts the route Krabi-Phi Phi in about 60 minutes. The speedboats of the harbor farmers as well as the navy investigate 45 minutes and are also able to ask about 150 people and auxiliary supplies. On the following days, the spectacle with changing nationalities repeated.

Sightseeing in Paradise?

For example, the two Swedish ladies with blue bodies with the Swedish inscription are highlighted "Crisis" stumble through the trumblers. Certainly this mission is well coordinated. However, a few questions raise themselves, such as: Why a Swedish inscription? Why sacrificial care in a restricted area that is already lemed? And why professionals are open beach sandals in an area that is surprised by glass splinters and nails? But they gave themselves all the fairness to make their mission not seem useless, and asked each of the few strangers among the auxiliary favers, whether they were victims. That was probably because we wore uniforms that are labeled in Thailand.The Swedes sent two days later rescue fees in brand new uniforms to Koh Phi Phi. The fresh clothing makes sense. Because right in tow is a camera team of Swedish television and two photojournalists of the Swedish daily press. The troupe marched in the middle of the trummer, the rescuers gave statements and interviews into the cameras. But, you have to leave them, they were at least cost-conscious. When they disappear again, the journalists had taken place in the speedboat, which has certainly been charged from Swedish state products.

The northern EU countries showed Prasenz. Danemark was also part of the game, represented by police officers. The gentlemen-dressed gentlemen were first touched by some Brusk. The cause was that you will be held with ID cards in EC card coarse and professional cameras for journalists.

After the rescue work on Phi Phi were completed, the international Red Cross also liked – as not otherwise expected in the speedboat. Even so simple things like sunscreen had apparently forgotten the two gentlemen in their hurry. After about two hours they were as red as the recordings they carry to their sandals.

Normally, the companies for the passage according to PHI PHI require about 2500 baht. Father, however, can be found on the boat operators with a grin that the expert teams all paid five to ten times the sentence. Critics Moge may now argue with supply and demand. However, total tourism in the region has broken together and the demand for boats has fallen virtually to zero.

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