The fear of the broadcaster in front of the red button

Native co-crossroads back into the crosshairs of the plate industry

The alter generation still knows it: Sitting with the tape train in front of the weekly hit parade or the desired concert and his favorite songs banned with the finger finger on tape. Nostalgia and in the MP3 generation long forgot: "I want everything, and that immediately" – who wants to wait today until "his" song runs? After the exchange bolts are now criminalized, although the early disk exchange on the schoolyard the plate industry has not ruined, the "Slip" suddenly interesting again – and persecuted.

We write the 5. July 1975. Thomas Burnicke sends the weekly hit parade in the third radio program of the Bavarian Radio. In the whole country, the schoolers sit with cassette recorders and tape guards on the radio, because they have no money for plates. It does not stop that Thomas Firicke at the request of the platter industry in each song and also additional "Tape recordings ruin our artists"-Jingles are imported: The illegal shots in the protection of their own apartment just do not want to rub off.

The fear of the broadcaster in front of the red button

Therefore, in cooperation with the German Federal Post, the disk industry has umptuse the acting on the finding of masts and especially black-channel (pirate transmitter), which can be used to receive the frequency of the loschoszillers in the tape gates. Thus, during the weekly hit parade, the streams are driven out, and where a tape tape device is registered in use, a storing transmitter, whose construction planes of the BND from the East Zone (keyword: "Rias killer") has stolen without payment of a license, at all frequencies from Bayern 3 a disgusting jealing signal until the corresponding tape tape device is switched off.

Regrettably, after a short time, it turns out that even for the smallest villages is not enough wireless measuring cars are available to keep all the ubella from their schandliche. In order to simplify the whole, the station Bayern 3 radiates now during the current hit parade instead of the plate recordings itself the Storton. With the recording it is over and who wants to know how place number 1 has probably sounded, now has to visit a plate shop.

Since it is no longer necessary to fully play the titles on the radio, the hour is no longer present at the hour of the ten most successful hits in Germany plus two new vulnerability, but equal to their forty, interrupted only from the short stors signal sequences. That now all the titles sound quite the same, do nothing, because in a few years they were the same or the case, such a forward-looking researcher of the disk industry.

Absurd? It had come so can. Would have? It will come like that. Maybe no more for today’s FM radio, but for future digital distribution channels. Whether DAB, satellite, cable or webcast: broadcasting is now more and more digitally distributed. DAB and satellite offer at least FM quality, over the ARD radio transponder (from above, which is good for the ears) is even a quality far over usual MP3 files possible. Only the webcasts are at least in Germany of rather low quality, which partly reminiscent of medium wave as FM and, depending on the utilization of the network, with dropouts surfing. But the hold of those who do not want to expose the law enforcement through the exchange of exchanges, not to cut here, too. Some software even promotes the titles of a web radiios automatically cut apart and store individually.

Several weighing radios are already against these music thieves: they must provide yes for every horiz of expensive transfer capacity. However, if nobody is sitting on the speaker and the advertisement or at least the Launigen comments of the Discjockeys Hort, but the MUHSAM compiled program serves only as a cheaper quarry for an MP3 collection, does not necessarily make this the webcaster. So if you are using a client, which also allows the co-cut or even known specifically to extract web radio programs for private music collections, flies out: The webcaster bangs the connection.

Payment offers such as the premiere in Germany under the current name "Premiere Music Studio" Embellished Music Choice, ie music division programs without advertising, are the normally not available to the young people, but are not attractive to build a collection of music, because the titles are displayed as well as in some normal broadcast programs. Who Argert in this context that the title advertisement is always lagging behind: This is intention; The music industry wants it so that no one can march to the tape train when his favorite title appears in the display.

However, that some DAB radios and satellite receivers with hard disk can now be stopped between the last 20 seconds and two hours ongoing and therefore there is no problem in contrast to early superimp about, a title that interests one, even then to be fully absorbed when he Already lasting, caring for joy, but not in the record companies. In order to make DAB there is still no rough worries there for lack of distribution, but probably around the satellite broadcasts. In the US, therefore, after the Patriot Act, it should also be the Perform Act (Platform Equality and Remedies for Rights Holders in Music Act of 2006): Here, digital broadcasters should pay additional duties to the plate industry to the risk of possible recordings financially.

The Blaupunkt DAB Autoradio Woodstock DAB 54 takes up at the push of a button already buffered data on MMC cards

In the analogial age, this was actually covered with the already incurred licensing goods for broadcasting radiation (in Germany GEMA and GVL), but since everything becomes digital, obviously everyone comes to the idea, despite the significantly cheaper digital dissemination, would require additional costs. "If I see a device that the consumer allows to identify, record and archive the individual music chocolates in a satellite radiation, then I call this device an iPod and the satellite transmitter that allows such a download service", so edgar bronfman jr., Chairman of the Warner Music Group.

Sirius Satellite Radio has already committed in leading obedience with the record companies to capture no acer with his receiver S-50, which offers exactly this. The competitor XM Satellite Radio refuses to pay such an additional emotion, although there is also available as the Pioneer Inno and the Samsung Nexus, the MP3 recordings.

In the emportment of the satellite broadcaster, however, this new law will also meet digital terrestrial offers such as DAB or DVB-T, digital cable offers and all web radios. The EFF warns that with his entry into force of all open MP3 streams became illegal and only equipped with Digital Rights Management (DRM) formats. Suspended web radio-sensor as the Terratec Noxon (radio-wireless wireless radio for the hi-fi system) had equally serious problems such as Apple’s iTunes, as Apple will not pay neither for real nor Windows media licenses and the iPod-own AAC format so far not as Stream is offered. In the course of course, Webradio Horen was only possible on Windows PCs possible and recordings, if at all, only manually and analogue – just like the Hitparade ..

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