The logic of limitless growth

The Energy and Climate Week Show: Coarse demonstrations against nuclear power plants can be hoped that even for climate protection more political prere is developed

Energy policy was the past week again. In the Gulf of Mexico, the explosion of an olplatform showed just at a time when the US government wants to massively expand the demand in deep winers, as dangerous they can be, in Bolivian Cochabamba, a highly visited alternative climate summit came to an end and Germany experienced one of the big anti-AKW demonstrations of his story.

The 147.000 demonstrators paid the organizers last Saturday to the three actions in Biblis, Ahaus and Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, the black-yellow federal government was allowed to prepare some headaches in the next few months, show that the anti- AKW movement is quickly. Not only can she bring her pearly mass to the strain, it is also anchored in a wide variety of social milieus and how hardly any other social movement is able to address all generations.

In the balance sheet, which included part of the caller circle on Monday in Berlin before the press, further actions were exploited. The Federal Government wants to provide an energy concept in autumn, which will include the defining of the AKW maturities, but environmental associations, initiatives, entrepreneur associations of renewable energies and also part of the unions is willing to drive their political prizes to the high. The nitus nationwide rough action is for the 2. October planned, but it will already give different decentralized activities.

The protests could certainly have some success. On the one hand, even in the governing parties here and there resistance to the unpopular support in vast parts of the taxation is governed for the operators of nuclear power plants, which could coil these up to 200 billion additional profits into the cash registers. On the other hand, in order to change the maturities, the law for terminating nuclear energy use, which is not without the consent of the Bundesrat. There, however, it was possible with the election in NRW on 9. May the conservative-liberal majority tilt, and the thing was really interesting again. A simple march then no longer possible, because at least the SPD has clearly positioned itself. A falling of individual state politicians could hardly allow themselves.

Carbon power plants prevents

It will be interesting to how it succeeds in making environmental links from the newly strong anti-AKW movement also for climate protection and expansion of renewable energy carriers. The challenge certainly does not exist in the conviction work. The vast majority of those who participated in the human chain between Brunsbuttel and Krummel, the demonstration in Ahaus and the surrender of the reactor block in Biblis, no one needs to explain that more extensive AKW maturities hinder the expansion of renewable and thus climate protection (see, for example overflow coal).

The problem is more of a grippy political demands, which are a prerequisite for successful social movements, but in the case of climate protection are more difficult to formulate. Environmental protection has long been plaguing their complex approaches to a simple formula. The simplest is still with the rejection of coal-fired power plants, which are responsible for after all around 40 percent of German greenhouse gas emissions. Here a whole series of success could be achieved last year.

Initially, investors are drawn from planned new construction projects. Most recently, the Dusseldorfer Stadtwerke has buried its tarpaulin for a 400 megwatt coal-fired power plant. During the week before, in mid-April, E had E.on that of a 500 MW power plant in Wilhelmshaven. For about 15 construction projects, a mixture of oconomic detections and oriental protests leaded in the last two to three years to hire the planning.

However, the climate protection movement in coal-fired power plants is far from the end of all goals. Overview of the planned project shows that currently ten coal-fired power plants with a capacity of 11.393 MW under construction are. Two more with a capacity of around 13.700 MW are still in the planning. Together they will blow up 152 million tons of CO2 into the air, which corresponds to around 15 percent of current local greenhouse gas emissions or quite precisely the crowd that Germany may emit in the long term without burdening the climate.

Alternative summit

So for climate protection is still a lot to do, and some important impulses came from Bolivian Cochabamba last week. There had been around 30 at the invitation of the government.000 people gathered to an international alternative climate summit. In addition to 25.000 active from domestic goods 5.000 Missed delegates from environmental groups from all over the world, and also some Latin American head of state gave himself the honor: Hugo Chavez from Venezuela had come, Rafael Correa from Ecuador, Fernando Lugo from Paraguay and Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua. Also host Evo Morales could not be missing.

In a final recognition it is called: "We reject the illegitimate CopenhagenCord." He admits that the industrialized countries only provide non-binding and insufficient self-commitments, all of which were driven together that the global climate is exposed by four degrees.

Scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Found Research had been attributable last week in a work published in the artist Nature, that the submitted self-commitments of the Landers will not limit global emphasis to two degrees Celsius, as indicated as a target. By the end of the century, the global mid temperature was increased by more than three degrees Celsius. Decision global emissions increased by ten to twenty percent by 2020 by 2020. You then reach values that correspond in your effect 47.9 to 53.6 billion tons of CO2. In order to comply with the two-degree target, but in 2020 no more than 40 to 44 billion tons of CO2 equivalents should be switched out.

The explanation of Cochabamba therefore requires that industry countries will reduce their emissions by at least 50 percent by 2017 by at least 50 percent of the 1990 level. The Kyoto Protocol should be changed accordingly at the upcoming climate conference, which takes place in December in Mexico, accordingly. This is certainly not a particularly realistic course, but like all radical demands, it has the function of building political prere in the appropriate direction.

But this had to come in the respective countries of the populations, but it still hapert in Europe and North America is still significant. After all, it had almost 100 in December.000 participants in Copenhagen the previously large international protests for climate protection, and perhaps the measures suggested in Cochabamba as an international tribunal for climate rights and a global referendum on climate protection to anchor climate protection idea to anchor deeper in populations.

In Cochabamba, one was out of them – at least on the paper – agree that the root of the problem ultimately is the economic system dependent on eternal growth:

The capitalist system has forced us the logic of competition, progress and unlimited growth. This production and consuming strives for boundless profit, the people of nature alienated, forces a logic of nature dominance and transforms everything into goods: the water, the soil, the human genome, the cultures of the ancestors, biodiversity, justice, the Moral, the rights of the Volker and the life itself.

Declaration of Cochabamba

These are quite ambivalent words, because some of the left governments represented in Cochabamba are very well stranded to exploit the Bodenschatz their Landers, hoping for the economic development to finance. In particular, the pipeline planned by Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina through the Amazon rainforest, which is to supply the energy-promoted Argentina with gas from Venezuela, does not testify to a gentle handling of nature. Some discussion events of indigenous groups who resort to such projects or the degradation of ARG appeals in Bolivia, therefore, had to take place outside the official program. Nevertheless, they found part of ways to bring their positions into the final recognition.

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