Web standard for barrier freedom wcag 3.0: first draft is available

Web standard for accessibility WCAG 3.0: First draft is available

The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AG WG) has a first draft W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0. These guidelines provide information about how web content, apps and tools for people with disabilities can be made easier accessible. They were first adopted in 1999 in version 1 as a W3C Recommendation.

More flexibility and easier understanding

The first design for version 3 brings some changes compared to version 2 of the WCAG. The working group liked the guidelines to adapt that users can understand them better. In addition, they should respond more to the different types of web content, apps and tools as well as the needs of people with disabilities. The design of the working group introduces a valuation model to encourage website operators to deal with accessibility closely and further improve.

The first design of the Requirements for WCAG 3.0 includes a suggestion for a new name, scope, structure and a new conformity model – "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines" target "W3C Accessibility Guidelines" will. W3C is developing for World Wide Web Consortium, which develops technical specifications and guidelines for the provision and use of the World Wide Web (WWW).

Feedback requested

The working group asks for rejection of evaluators, developers, designers, project managers, political decision-makers and people with disabilities, in particular to the structure and the design of the conformity model, which is to make a better understanding of the accessibility of a product or a website.

Comments take the working group under the blog post until 26. February 2021 – There, there are also a memorable information on the first design of the W3C Accessibility Guidelines.

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