“Bangkok is completely safe” – “save yourself who can”

A typical business wall in shell

On-site impresses from Thailand

There is a rainy season every year in Thailand. At the beginning of October, the maximum is reached in Bangkok, then it goes down to zero until the beginning of December. This is not a problem in Bangkok: The water quickly disappears in the sewer. And when it stops, then the water stands for two or three hours 20 or 30 centimeters. That’s normal, so you have learned to live.

This year it has rained more than normal in the north. As much as has not been writing the newspaper for 50 years. Then you read that Sukhothai stand under water. That’s a good 400 km in the north. Then Ayutthaya was overwhelmed. 70 km north. Then Nonthaburi – that’s already the north neighboring province. And now people are evacuated in the northern municipal districts.

The water, which in the north has covered entire provinces several meters, unfortunately not simply disappears – and further to the north, east or west it can not, because it goes up there uphill. So the sea stays in the south – and there is rough and wide Bangkok in the middle of the way.

And thus the crisis has broken out the crisis.

My apartment is still dry – but it is also 100 m above NN. Water I only see where it was also because, for example in the river, or in the swimming pools of my neighbors.

But if I read the newspaper, then I’m confused. There you read:

"Bangkok is completely safe" "Save yourself who can" "The worst thing is before" "Bangkok will be up to 1 at least one month.5 meters under water" "The center of Bangkok is probably not overflowed" Etc.

You now see walls in front of the business, sandbag tray, or as the latest fashion: plates of fiber cement mounted in front of the shop windows.

Other farms have not met any devices against any flood. Everyone after his feelings, according to his own drawing. The official statements of the central disaster control center named FROC probably familiaries hardly anyone.

A particularly beautiful sandpack wall in friendly grun

Another newspaper topic is the supply: water in bottles, coded noodles, bricks, fiber cement plates etc. Let go completely out.

A few days ago I was in the branch of an American brath chain (against my will, but I was the minority) – and there was 80% of the menu with stickers: "Sold out due to flood".

A note on a chain restaurant: "Because of the overflowing of the factory, we can only provide a frosted service." After a few days then the lapidary addition: "Closed"

In fact, a number of commercial areas (outside Bangkoks) are under water. And especially shop chains that are centrally supplied have problems. But the small shops on the strain are flexible and residents. Yesterday I saw trucks sold from bricks; Right in front of a survive strain sold a shoe company rubber boots. This morning was a rough stand with water bottles on the trottoir.

I do not think I have to worry about my care with vital worries.

The city has been a bit spotted for a few weeks – some shop closed, with others missing part of the staff.

The end of the alley – rear brightly radiates the river

Since Thursday holidays have now been proclaimed – first for five days, then you will continue.

Now the city fails like on the New Years (plural, since we have three new years here: Normal, Chinese and Thai). Failure straws, railways, buses and planes are overfull – all drive home.

Here comes a creek from a stream of side goose

Yesterday I made a trip to the Chinese district – the newspaper had reported that there is a half a meter under water. But nothing to see. Only in the near the mond pier came out of a side street a stream, overflooded the strain on a hundred meters, and then disappeared in the sewer.

I pulled my shoes and waded through the floods. A pleasant feel – the water was well tempered.

My goal, the university, which lies directly on the river, was closed for the next few days.

Water in the terminal 21

So you do not believe here, there is only crisis and floods: a new shopping center was opened a few days ago: Terminal 21. There you also saw water, but in a very dared form:

But also refreshing politically incorrect variations of the Japanese Winking Cat Maneki Neko:

A crossroads from the reclaim figure of an American soft boulette chain and a figure that may remain unnamed in Germany better. All pictures: Gerriet M. Denkmann

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