A typical business wall in shell

On-site impresses from Thailand

There is a rainy season every year in Thailand. At the beginning of October, the maximum is reached in Bangkok, then it goes down to zero until the beginning of December. This is not a problem in Bangkok: The water quickly disappears in the sewer. And when it stops, then the water stands for two or three hours 20 or 30 centimeters. That’s normal, so you have learned to live.

Impressions of a voluntary helper when used on the Thailand Island group Phi Phi

The team I have since 28.12. Availor, consists of a small group of backpackers who have joined the auxiliary faith. Auber me as a German is an English, American, Greek, Sudafricans and Australians. The entire train consists of about 150 soldiers of the Thailand army and voluntary local aid forces. We have all the short-performance in uniforms of the crowds have been put on and help with the rescue attacks on Koh Phi Phi.

Sightseeing in Paradise?

The location center in Krabi is occupied around the clock. From here, the aids and rescue operations for the island group Phi Phi and the entire Province of Krabi are coordinated. Telephone companies have switched free lines, mobile operators distribute pre-paid cards and set up mobile systems to cover the high network load.

Cloud Monitor 2021: Meanwhile (almost) all companies in the cloud are

The pretty clear result of the current cloud monitor Germany from BITKOM and KPMG is: The cloud has been enforced in this country as an operating model final. Only three percent of the respondents 550 companies from 20 employees said they can not start with the topic of generally nothing. 82 percent already put on cloud infrastructures. Private Cloud Implementations used 63 percent, after all 46 percent use Public Cloud deals.

Cloud Monitor 2021: Meanwhile (almost) all companies in the cloud are

2020 the proportion of cloud users has increased again. The proportion is not interested in cloud in the lower single-digit area.

On demand for the reasons for their skepticism, the few cloud-abstinent companies mainly gave legal and security concerns: theyburten unauthorized data accesses or losses, uncertainties of legal situation, regulatory complications and the consequences of hardware weaknesses. The cost of the operation of the cloud infrastructure was hardly called a factor in contrast.

Greece: much confusion on the border

Image: w. Aswestopoulos

The attempt of escape implements, asked by a leaflet to penetrate to Macedonia failed

On Monday, the "Kathara Deftera", the beginning of Lent in Greece, almost 2000 escape triggers had tried in a desperation campaign, animated on their own and animated by a dubious leaflet, to cross the border. The attempt failed. However, he excluded numerous political confusions.

Exhaust fraud: VW supplier IAV must pay bub money

In the processing of the fraud in exhaust aftertreatment, the prosecutor Braunschweig has a bub money of ten million euros contrary to the supplier IAV. The Berlin company accept the decision and thus again confesses his role in diesel theme, IAV shared on Friday. The Braunschweiger investigators had previously announced that engineers had involved in the emergence, use and further development of the inothed shutdown equipment.

According to the prosecutor, the developers have helped those responsible at Volkswagen in criminal offenses. The business administration had to prevent this by "suitable organization and supervision". The book consists of two million euros for the actual violation, eight million euros are considered so-called pitching of the economic advantage achieved. The decision is already legally legislative according to the judiciary. The money should be in the Lower Sachsian budget.

IAV is a development service provider for the automotive industry. The company has around 8,000 employees and locations in Europe, Asia and America. The annual turnover was in 2019 at around one billion euros. Current focus is on the field of electromobility and the autonomous driving.

Monitoring: Prometheus 2.21 handled the service recognition

Version 2.21 of the Prometheus project managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The update is based on Go 1.15 And some innovations for the service identifier and the UI ready.

The user interface has received a refresher. The current version extends the Alert page by additional fields for labels, notes and the use time (duration). The Rules page of the React UI is instructed to automatically hide these fields when they are empty.

New for the service recognition

In addition, the development team worked behind Prometheus at the Service Discovery (SD). In addition to the possibility of detecting Eureka and Hetzner services, the monitoring tool brings an extension of the SD unit of Kubernetes, which should help the system at work with endpointsLice. Users get the possibility to endpoints to bundling. By doing so, this feature could be interesting for the trap in which individual units must be updated in coarse systems (deployments). Instead of submitting the changes of each individual endpoint, Mam Prometheus 2.21 transfer a smaller object with, for example, 100 endpoints.

USA: For fear of an increasingly uncivilized debate culture, a coffee chain asks customers about taking no guns in the purse

The amooker in Washington, in which 12 people were shot dead, leads to no change of the notoriously loose weapons laws in the US. Obama can not enforce this. Meanwhile, the coffee house Starbucks is forced to land against the obsession of free-weapons-Kaptn ahabs.

In the spring year, the US government had tried some elans to expose strong control to the acquisition of weapons; The compromise proposal arising from negotiations with Republican from the orderly arrived in April. There were missing 60 votes, among the opponents of the proposal were also Democrats. The consensus in favor of liberal weapons laws is roughly lubricated the lobbying of the NRA well.

RISC-V: 1000-core accelerator, server card and efficiency champion

Today’s Tuesday night, the Virtual RISC-V Summit starts 2020. The company Esperanto Technologies of the former transmeta-land Dave Ditzel present a Ki accelerator for PCI Express cards with 1000 RISC-V cores. The strong ET Maxion cores already included in 2017 are used as well as economical ET minion cores, which have additional KI counterworks.

The Intensive Intensity company introduces the PCIe card intenscale with 21 RISC V cores (from Sifive), each acting as its own microserver with 32 GB of RAM each.

In the run-up to the RISC-V Summit, the US company Micro Magic experienced the most efficient RISC-V core on its own data. In the microcontroller benchmark Eembc Coremark delivers a Prototype accordingly 110.000 CoreMark points per watt at 3 GHz. Alternatively, this achieves "64-bit RISC-V"-The core of the stunned high clock frequency of 5 GHz and calculates 13.000 coremark points. For comparison: the four arm Cortex A53 nuclei of the Broadcom BCM2837 on a Raspberry Pi 3B create 13 at 1.2 GHz.717 CoreMark points. The four x86 cores of "atom"-Type in the vicinity of Intel Celeron J1900 together supply around 30.000 coremark points.

Even small legs can be settled over the telephone bill

The British telecommunications group Cable Wirelesse Communications, one of the world’s largest providers of telecommunications services, has called together with an ECHARGE a new product that the Web has been able to charge: now even with the new program also small legs on the telephone bill will be compensated.

As long as no suitable payment methods are available, the e-commerce does not quite rise despite all envisions. Many people shy away from chattering, personal data such as credit card information about the internet – and for the debit of penny supporting credit cards are not the appropriate instrument. Cryptography would be a possibility to secure the data, but the closure processes are not yet widely used – and the mi-torque is high. Electronic cash dobbles in front of themselves.

Native co-crossroads back into the crosshairs of the plate industry

The alter generation still knows it: Sitting with the tape train in front of the weekly hit parade or the desired concert and his favorite songs banned with the finger finger on tape. Nostalgia and in the MP3 generation long forgot: "I want everything, and that immediately" – who wants to wait today until "his" song runs? After the exchange bolts are now criminalized, although the early disk exchange on the schoolyard the plate industry has not ruined, the "Slip" suddenly interesting again – and persecuted.

We write the 5. July 1975. Thomas Burnicke sends the weekly hit parade in the third radio program of the Bavarian Radio. In the whole country, the schoolers sit with cassette recorders and tape guards on the radio, because they have no money for plates. It does not stop that Thomas Firicke at the request of the platter industry in each song and also additional "Tape recordings ruin our artists"-Jingles are imported: The illegal shots in the protection of their own apartment just do not want to rub off.