Chip manufacturer Qualcomm leads power change at the top

At the chip concier Qualcomm take over an expert for 5G data radio the boss. The 50-year Christiano Amon Lost Steve Mollenkopf, who successfully brought the company through a series of legal turbulence.

Amon has been a driving force behind the efforts of Qualcomm in recent years, to make a leading player in the business with 5G technology. Among other things, 5G modems of Qualcomm in the this-year models of Apple’s iPhone. Previously, there had been a year-catching patent dispute between the two companies that was settled in 2019 with an agreement. The license agreement concluded between Apple and Qualcomm is now up to 2025, Apple is already working on its own iPhone modems.

Defended business with patent licenses

In Mollenkopfs Terms, Qualcomm also succeeded in defending his business model against a lawsuit of the US competitive workhorage FTC. According to the judgment of a US Court of Appeal, the Group may continue to depend on the chip purchase with him from the acquisition of a far-reaching patent license. The business with patent licenses is the second – and lucrative – pillar of Qualcomm next to the chip sale.

New design:'ipad air 4' braucht noch ein weilchen'ipad air 4' braucht noch ein weilchen

Fresh Apple Tablets have already existed this year: Apple presented in the early year new iPad Pro models. The iPad Air has not happened since the last generation of 2019 but nothing more. According to new frames from Asia, a new edition of the Mittelmaktablet could still take. The reason: Apple plans extensive change of change. Delivery date is alleged Marz 2021.

"A14" from the "iPhone 12"

Like the Chinese-speaking medium Mydrivers from the "foreign" If the supply chain wanted to learn, Apple liked when "ipad air 4" Orient strongly on the iPad Pro line. This is allegedly applicable to the design as well as the functions of the tablet. As a system-on-chip is supposedly a variant of the coming "A14"-Chips from the "iPhone 12" planned, which appeared in autumn.

In addition, Apple is scheduling to build a Smart Connector, among other things, so that a new Magic Keyboard fits the tablet. In addition, four speakers are planned plus the change from the Lightning connection to the USB C-Port.

IPhone 12 and 12 Pro: Component shortage due to corona

More and more electronic products from the mobile phone to game consoles are heavier than before, because there are still corona-conditioned delivery carties in important components. This could affect fear of analysts, pleasure also Apple – and here in particular current top models such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Availability despite crisis still good

Currently you get an iPhone 12 Pro Max still within three days when you adopt Apple’s express delivery. For more favorable models like the iPhone 12 Pro, the delivery period has already been high on nine days. The iPhone 12 also comes within three days. Already in November there had been reports that component shortages in particular with power management semiconductors and complex components such as the Lidar segment reduce the availability of certain iPhone 12 models.

Apple has a lot hoarded

In the meantime, Apple had caught up here and hoarding a report of the Financial News Agency Bloomberg even chips. Underneath, electronics manufacturers suffered as well as car growing. This is how the mobile radio chip quantity Qualcomm "Sharacters in all areas", Since one as industry is dependent on a few suppliers in Asia. The companies had made mistakes for orders in the Corona crisis. Thus, these were bolted in the past early year, but then could not be increased so fast in the summer as the market recovered.

IPod now complete'obsolet''obsolet'

The end of the iPod support has come: Apple owners of the last officially offered MP3 player of the Group only supplies only then with spare parts and service, if this is required by law – which is far from the case in all countries. The iPod Nano of 2012, the total seventh generation, has now been added to the so-called vintage list.

Vintage is not completely dead yet

However, clarified products are worse – it is Apple products whose sale was set more than seven years ago. "Apple has set the hardware service for clarified products without exception. Service providers can not order spare parts for clarified products", It is called Lapidar. Users should also set themselves on iPod Nano 7G that they require the help of free workshops if something is broken. This can be used to tap spare parts sources, which are versed in Apple himself.

19 years of MP3 player from Apple

Apple’s first iPod had come to the market in 2001. Since then, there have been numerous series and model series, most recently, the Group focused mainly on the iPod nano. In 2012, the fourth generation of the iPod shuffle, Apple’s most favorable music player, also came to the market – this is now also "vintage". The same is true for the iPod Classic and the iPod touch models of the fourth and fold generation.