Saab takeover: konigsegg reaches agreement with gm

Stockholm (Sweden), 16. June 2009 – General Motors (GM) and family-owned Konigsegg love to announce today that Saab Automobile AB will be acquired by the equally Swedish sports car maker. However, the purchase price was not disclosed. According to General Motors, the deal is expected to be closed in the third quarter with several financiers in the background. The Swedish government is expected to guarantee a $600 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB), on which the sale is based. dpa However, according to Swedish Economy Minister Maud Olofsson, it is not yet known how financially strong the buyers actually are. Since sufficient capital is essential for Saab’s future, a decision on the guarantee will be made only after a thorough evaluation.

75 percent debt forgiveness by GM

Konigsegg – Swedish manufacturer of exclusive sports cars with just 45 employees – plans to save Saab and the jobs of its 3400 employees. General Motors will provide support for a specified period of time by providing new powertrain technologies and model platforms. GM will also cancel 75 percent of Saab’s debts to its parent company. Today’s dpa-Saab’s debt burden amounts to approximately 9 billion Swedish kronor (about 830 million euros). The next generation of the Saab 9-5 model is to continue to be manufactured at the Trollhattan production site under the terms of the contract.

Brand name with potential

GM European boss Carl-Peter Forster said the buyer was "a fantastic mix of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and financial strength". Jan Åke Jonsson, the current CEO of Saab, was also pleased: "This agreement gives us the opportunity to maximize the potential of our brand name with the help of new, exciting cars with a distinctly Swedish character." The head of Saab’s works council, Paul Akerlund, also stressed his satisfaction with the solution, referring to the satisfactory financial strength of the buyer.

Chauffeurs horror

Merzig, 28. February 2014 – "Carlsson CS50 Versailles Edition". Honestly, the name Realsatire is already honest – for a normal Central Europe, the pictures have a really right to a low-pronouncement. But the carvereder Carlsson says it completely seriously and also wife, why: He places a gilded S-Class simply a certainly lucrative sports idea. Because the emporary commands of Europe are just one or two Ticks Protection. The special model was designed specifically for Parvenus in China and is built only 25 times. According to Carlsson, more than ten of the golden cars have been sold – and still before the official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show (6. to 16. March 2014).

As a model for the coarse-flat gilding, the castle Versailles served, the Sonnenkonig Ludwig XIV. (1638 to 1715) to rebuild the representative baroque palace. The luxury class car is gilded in the sense of the word: in handwork will be the body with over a thousand breath of a real gold leaf. This takes about 200 hours, because the 80 x 80 millimeters of bloodlatter are placed and contaminated with a fine brush.

The series is already sold to half

The body is elaborately supervised with clearcoat and sealed. Including drying phases this process is at two weeks. According to Carlsson, although the surface should be as suitable for everyday life as well as a conventional paint, the repair of damage was allowed but expensive. We prefer not to introduce ourselves to the chauffeur sweating in the gross city traffic: the value of the gold used is with 12.000 EURO.

Electric slogan Microlino should debute on the IAA

The electric car developer Microlino sees its timetable and expects to show the series version of its city car in Munchen for the coming IAA in September this year. Now the Swiss company has completed the second prototype of its BMW Isetta with nickname Knutschkugel afterwards.

The third prototype should be in "few days" be completed with all-rounded interior and new folding roof, Microlino AG shared with. The prototypes 4 and 5 should be built soon afterwards; They should be used for EU homologation, ie the type-approval so that series production can begin.

The 2.4 m long and 1.5 m wide car should then be for 12.000 Euro have to have 513 kg of curtain weight, depending on the battery configuration 125 or 200 km can drive far with a high-speed tempo of 90 km / h. In 5 seconds the Microlino should come from 0 to 50 km / h. The company speaks of a battery charging time of 4 hours.

Vienna, 16. August 2016 – there are more theories about the origin of the name "Jeep" than the brand currently has vehicles in its lineup. One says that a Mr. Jeep was part of the vehicle’s technical team – after all, it’s an old name from Germany. In another story, Army technicians refer to all new vehicles as Jeeps because at one time, before there were cars in the military, new recruits also carried that nickname. This fits in with another legend, according to which Jeep is a synonym for "jack-of-all-trades" or "egg-laying jack-of-all-trades" in the U.S.A.

1001 Nights: How Jeep got its name

Not even the brand itself knows where it got its name from. But at least she was able to untangle the web of stories to the point where the two most likely scenarios remained. The first theory is refreshingly simple: the car was named after "Eugene the Jeep". A character from the Popeye comics. She lives in Africa and always comes to the rescue when the Spinach hero is in a jam.

The second story is about the pronunciation of the abbreviation "GP". The abbreviation stood for "Governmental contract P" (no, not "General Purpose"). If the government wanted to change something in the car, a "Governmental Contract P order" had to be submitted. Because these forms piled up – due to the extensive specifications – the engineers soon called the car "GP" and "Jeep" respectively.

Exhaust gas manipulation at daimler

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) announced on Monday (11. June 2018) after a conversation with Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche an official recall of 774.000 Mercedes diesel vehicles announced in Europe, including 238.000 in Germany. The reason he cited inadmissible technology in exhaust gas cleaning. Daimler wants to carry out the recall, but also announced an objection to the decision. The opposition in the Bundestag sharply criticized the transport minister.

170 hp models only?

Daimler was already in trouble because of the Vito with the 1.6-liter diesel, in which the Federal Motor Transport Authority had complained about an inadmissible defeat device. Now the suspicion has expanded to include Mercedes models that are often sold. According to the ministry, the GLC 220d and the C 220d (both with 170 hp) are now also affected. The diesel engine, known internally as OM651, is built into both of them. This suggests that it will not stay with the 170 HP versions, after all, this engine is also built in the C-Class, for example, in the C200d with automatic (136 HP) and in the C250d (204 HP). It seems rather unlikely that an inadmissible defeat device was only installed in the 170 HP engine.

Update made easy

With a few exceptions, according to the company, the cars that have now been recalled are contained in three million diesels, for which Daimler had already announced a voluntary update of the engine software. It is not yet clear what exactly will be technically changed with the update. Daimler has several options: It is almost certain that the amount of injected urea (trade name “AdBlue”) will be increased. The affected models are homologated to the Euro 6b emissions standard and have an SCR cat. Two further possibilities were a change in the injection times and / or an increase in the EGR rate. With the latter, part of the exhaust gas is fed back into the intake tract. Both measures – whether used individually or together – worsen the combustion somewhat, the combustion chamber temperature drops a little, which results in less nitrogen oxide in the raw exhaust gas.

Purchase program for electric cars: Market researchers doubt incentive

The doubling of the purchasing program for electric cars for electric cars stabbed in market researchers in the economic stimulus package of the federal government. For only a few potential buyers, the purchase price is in the foreground, PwC has determined in a survey.

8 percent of the potential German e-auto builders had stated according to E-Readyness Study that state demands are massively influencing their purchase decision. In contrast, the fuel consumption or the mileage of an E-car, namely for 22 percent, had much coast influence on the conditions of fuel. With 19 percent, environmental aspects and 16 percent follow the possibility to load the car at home.

For the study, 1057 end consumers from Germany were interviewed. In addition, which interviewed from France, Italy and Spain. E-Auto Skeptics in Germany criticized the limited range (23 percent), the long loading time (19 percent) and the high cost compared to burns (15 percent).

Opera ball of car engineers

Vienna, 15. May 2015 – all yearly, if in the Prater the chestnuts bluhen and the Fiaker teams compress the scent of spring, the leading automobile engineers meet the world’s largest event in Vienna. All coarse automobile congresses always affect the entire vehicle. More than a thousand participants and over fifty lecturers meet each other in historically significant ambience, in the Vienna Hofburg – this year already to the 36. Times. The initiator, the land and leading head behind it is the now emeritized universitanistisor Hans Peter Lenz. He was from 1974 to 2002 board of the institute for internal combustion engines and motor vehicle construction at the TU Vienna. The HERMOVATED MASCHINE engineer from Bonn has always had excellent contacts with the German auto industry. Many of his former students could also make a career there in the episode, which at least partially explains the mystery of a relatively high number of Easter-rich engineers in the German auto industry.

Commitment to the plug-in hybrid

If it went out of the intimacy of the internal combustion engine to improve the combustion engine to improve the combustion process, compression consumption and injection cycling and printing, the topics have meanwhile experienced a tremendous expansion: first with introduction of the catalyst and increasing popularity of the diesel engine, then the full-bodied envisment to the millennium Alternative drives, from biosprit over natural gas to hydrogen, for hybrid drive and the fuel cell. As far as mentioned alternatives is concerned, a little dickness has been found, now it works thematically with full throttle in the direction of electrification of the powertrain. The most important message of the automotive researchers is now probably the commitment to the plug-in hybrid, because on the one hand is purely electrical driving possible, at the same time can be achieved by the internal combustion engine still familiar ranges.

For Peter Gutzmer, Technology Board of Schaeffler AG, especially the transmissions represent a key to a high efficiency, as they operate as part of the increasing electrification of the automobile as a link between combustion and electric drive. In terms of electrification 48 volts are again a topic. Hyundai Kia is also very active at the level of low voltage hybridization. With comparatively little effort, significant CO2 and fuel savings can be measured.

Continental develops an aquaplaning assistant. For this new warning function, sensors should be used already existing assistance systems. For the sensation of the floating, the engineers use dub mirror cameras and acceleration sensors in the tire of the electronic tire information system ETIS.

Although motorists should reduce their speed at wet roads or rain, but should now be warned in addition to aquaplaning. For aquaplaning, if the tires can no longer impest and derive the water on the strain with the help of their profile grooves. As long as the tires are on a water film and thereby lose contact with the strain, the vehicle remains neither steering nor brake. For individual affected tires, the vehicle can break out laterally. Uberreactions surprised driver can add such situations in addition.

Pattern Incompliant displacement

Pictures of the Aune Mirror Cameras for the Surround View function, where the vehicle appears in a virtual top view on the headunit screen, provide the database for detecting the dangerous, incomplete water increment. Even before speed and amount of water come into an unhealthy imbalance, trained algorithms can recognize the typical patterns of the displaced water.

Duh wants to answer opel because of consumer expansion

The German Environmental Help (DUH) encourages its premieges against Opel to manipulate exhaust gas purification in diesel models. In an Astra, quantities had disclosed on the "alarming values and shut-off devices", the environmental organization announced on Friday in Berlin. Therefore, you want to answer Opel because of consumer expansion.

Tags previously collected the DUH similar premieges related to a tested Opel Zafira. Accordingly, the purification of the exhaust gases should be switched off at certain temperatures, speeds, air prere and engine speeds. Opel had credited on Thursday, you have not used software that determines if a car is subjected to an exhaustest test. The company was prompted at the beginning. The expert Felix Domke participated in the investigations of DUH, the magazine monitor and the mirrors.

The DUH has Federal Minister of Transport DOBRINDT the results of the laboratory and strain quantities as well as the analysis of the engine control software of the Opel Zafira 1.6 CDTI amed. She asked him to have after checking the results by the aggregates immediately a permit stop for all Opel diesel cars and commercial vehicles, which have an illegal shutdown for exhaust gas purification in the control unit software. In addition, she urged the Minister to withdraw the type for all affected Opel models as well as the arrangement of an official jerk for all previously delivered vehicles.

Afd: 'e-mobility is the return to the horse'

Electric drives still have disadvantages for people’s mobility for a long time to come, in the view of Dirk Spaniel, AfD state group leader for Baden-Wurttemberg in the Bundestag. "Electromobility is nothing other than a return to the horse," said the politician and designated transport policy spokesman for the AfD in the Bundestag. He added that it is not only the short range of cars powered by electricity that is problematic. "The hype surrounding electric cars is particularly tricky because only rich people can afford good vehicles. For normal earners, these cars are hardly affordable. And unlike diesels and gasoline-powered cars, there are no cheap used cars on the market," said Spaniel, who used to be a manager at Daimler.

The deputy announced the AfD’s opposition in the Bundestag if the federal government favors electric vehicles for "ideological reasons". The party also wants to investigate whether electric mobility leads to a reduction in climate-damaging carbon dioxide. "We are totally open to results," Spaniel said. He also announced that the party as a whole wants to have the influence of human factors on climate change examined once again. The AfD’s official position so far has been to regard climate change as not man-made.