Exhaust fraud: VW supplier IAV must pay bub money

In the processing of the fraud in exhaust aftertreatment, the prosecutor Braunschweig has a bub money of ten million euros contrary to the supplier IAV. The Berlin company accept the decision and thus again confesses his role in diesel theme, IAV shared on Friday. The Braunschweiger investigators had previously announced that engineers had involved in the emergence, use and further development of the inothed shutdown equipment.

According to the prosecutor, the developers have helped those responsible at Volkswagen in criminal offenses. The business administration had to prevent this by "suitable organization and supervision". The book consists of two million euros for the actual violation, eight million euros are considered so-called pitching of the economic advantage achieved. The decision is already legally legislative according to the judiciary. The money should be in the Lower Sachsian budget.

IAV is a development service provider for the automotive industry. The company has around 8,000 employees and locations in Europe, Asia and America. The annual turnover was in 2019 at around one billion euros. Current focus is on the field of electromobility and the autonomous driving.

Even small legs can be settled over the telephone bill

The British telecommunications group Cable Wirelesse Communications, one of the world’s largest providers of telecommunications services, has called together with an ECHARGE a new product that the Web has been able to charge: now even with the new program also small legs on the telephone bill will be compensated.

As long as no suitable payment methods are available, the e-commerce does not quite rise despite all envisions. Many people shy away from chattering, personal data such as credit card information about the internet – and for the debit of penny supporting credit cards are not the appropriate instrument. Cryptography would be a possibility to secure the data, but the closure processes are not yet widely used – and the mi-torque is high. Electronic cash dobbles in front of themselves.

Our capital fascinates me. There has always lived a rugged breed of people who will yap at you as they think you need it. Many guests find this cheeky, but the gruff themselves find it time-saving. However, since the boom of Berlin’s milkshake plantations, there is also a second kind of typical Berliner, who is much more demanding: newly arrived capital city fans.

When someone tells you how great it is in Berlin and how you should move there, it’s practically always one of those fans. Old Berliners don’t care what you think of their city, as long as you stay out of their hair. The new fan doesn’t care, he justifies his life decision to live here on you. "Here there is everything", a colleague once said to me, who wanted to persuade me to move here, "Italians, Chinese, Kaufhof, Media Markt, you name it." Boah. Chinese restaurants and electronic discounters. "Wow", I said sarcastically. "Surely there’s also a HM." My spat sarcasm acid fizzled out without effect: "Yes! Two!!"

What always motivates the fan, just me vollzuschwallen? Probably it is because I do not care about Berlin. My favorite German city is Hamburg. I have nothing against Berlin. I have nothing for Berlin either. It just exists. As in love, however, the indifferent seems much worse than any hatred. One can still rub against hate. One can argue, both get into it. That’s not possible if the other person doesn’t care about the topic of conversation. And in a typical human way the fans get into monologues about the great thing about Berlin. It would have been interesting to listen to a conversation between a newly arrived milk foam plantation worker and a grumbling old Berliner. I would pay money for something like that. But for us it should be about something else: public transport.

Cryptory service providers should grasp names

The Federal Government wants to undertake financial service providers to determine and store the names and addresses of clients and receptionists in all crypto money transactions. The obligation should apply even if the client or receptionist uses a local, self-managed wallet. This is apparent from a draft regulation, which the Federal Ministry of Finance published in June.

The editions should ensure that the transfers are not for "Purposes of money washing or terrorist financing are abused". The Ministry refers to recommendations of the anti-money wash institution FATF. This consider the transmission of cryptoco money from or on self-managed wallets "as a case constellation with increased risk".

Experts consider the planned duty to determine the names of users of self-managed wallets, but for not feasible. Because anyone can install without help from third Wallet apps and thus create bitcoin addresses for example. "The determination and identification of the owner of these ‘unhosted wallets’ is practically not affordable", Does the business association BITKOM say. Suppliers had to obstruct instructions on or from such wallets all over or "unbearable high and costly, but still insecate exams performed". The planned requirements worked "worldless", said Christoph Iwaniez, Financial Chest of the Krypto Service Provider Nuri, opposite C’t.

The Energy and Climate Week Show: Coarse demonstrations against nuclear power plants can be hoped that even for climate protection more political prere is developed

Energy policy was the past week again. In the Gulf of Mexico, the explosion of an olplatform showed just at a time when the US government wants to massively expand the demand in deep winers, as dangerous they can be, in Bolivian Cochabamba, a highly visited alternative climate summit came to an end and Germany experienced one of the big anti-AKW demonstrations of his story.

The 147.000 demonstrators paid the organizers last Saturday to the three actions in Biblis, Ahaus and Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, the black-yellow federal government was allowed to prepare some headaches in the next few months, show that the anti- AKW movement is quickly. Not only can she bring her pearly mass to the strain, it is also anchored in a wide variety of social milieus and how hardly any other social movement is able to address all generations.

Netflix: Less payment subscriptions expected, more profit - shares

The online video service Netflix continues to benefit from remaining many people in the corona crisis at home and watching TV. However, the pandemie-related customer tower has already decreased significantly. After the subscription boom at the beginning of the year, 10.1 million payment subscriptions were found in the second quarter, as the streaming market drivers announced on Thursday after US Borsen in the California Los Gatos. There were still 15.8 million in the previous quarter. At the end of June, Netflix brought it to almost 193 million payment subscriptions worldwide. The company expects the rush further decreases.

"We expect less growth in the second year than in the previous year", Netflix Chief Reed Hastings explained in the letter to the shareholders. This was not good at the market, the stock dazquently dazzled by around twelve percent, although Netflix surprised his own quarter’s forecast and the many analysts. The company this year, however, is one of the largest borsen winners, which has already made 60 percent course plus in 2020.

In the previous quarter, the proclamations due to the Corona crisis and serial hits had such as "Tiger King" the video service brings an unusually strong increase in new customers, which caused the financial market for gross euphoria. The stock price climbed in the past few months from a record high to the next. With a boral value of around $ 232 billion, about 204 billion euros, the streaming market drivers even passed the Hollywood Giant Walt Disney, which the Corona crisis contrasts sharply to Netflix.

Nrw invested in opnv

More modern dashways, reactivated rail tracks, fast buses on the country – North Rhine-Westphalia wants to invest in the long term billions in an attractive personnel traffic. The national cabinet has on Tuesday (3. December 2019) In Dusseldorf a macawance package decided to better network the intended initiatives and to yield additional offers.

Plan for the coming eleven years

By 2031, as it is already available, a billion to bring to the city and dusting networks from the 1970s and 80s technically up to date, said NRW Transport Minister Hendrik Wust (CDU). Add to this is the additional demand from fast bus lines with 100 million euros. The buses should receive the mobility, especially in the rival room, where no railways drive. Also new is a 100 million euro program for personal recalls on call. For this purpose, 120 million are provided.

In addition, in addition to the planned extensive construction and modernization work for a robust rail network, it should be invested in addition to a sturdy rail network and to provide delights. After all, hours in the next few years of renovation measures for over 80 billion euros in the German rail network, said Wust. 140 million euros in state resources should serve to reactivate unsuspected railways.

With unusual hard words, Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev criticized the planned bank account levy on Cyprus. Russia does not want to accept a milled billion loss on Cyprus

The recommendation of EU finance ministers for a forced tax on Cyprus was surprise for Russian guided. The Kremlin had not been informed beforehand. Vladimir Putin reacted to the decision of the EU finance minister. The EU’s decision is "unfair, unprofessional and dangerous", Dear the Kremlin boss about his press spokesman Dmitri Peskov. What Putin said in detail, remained unclear.

You can ame that Putin asserted that the Cyprical Government, whose economy is strongly dependent on Russian bank deposits, has not coordinated the direction change in fiscal policy with Russia. Russia is closely linked to the Cypriot Finance. According to the Russian statistics office, Cyprus was in the end of June 2012 Russia’s largest foreign investor. Numerous Russian coarse companies and banks are registered on Cyprus or have invested money there, which is then invested in Russia in Russia.

The automakers have even gross recovery in advertising for their connectivity services. Although more than 80 percent of the new car buyers are primarily interested and willing to spend more money, but at least 40 percent give to know no concrete offer of any car manufacturer, though they have been in part in the market for several years. The first ie of the "Car Connectivity Compass", which was jointly published by the Munchner strategic consultants "Berylls Strategy Advisors" and "MM Customer Strategy" and should appear in terms of art. For the investigation, about 1000 motorists were interviewed.

Potential new car buyers were initially backed up if they are addressed directly to their interest in a networked vehicle, it is called in the evaluation of the survey. Compared with special equipment such as leather sitting or metalliclack, the use of Internet-based services for search, navigation or retrieval of current traffic information is just just about every fourth respondent an important purchase criterion. However, this other as soon as the customer’s advantages have been shown. Then, at least 83 percent of respondents "very likely" or "possibly" for these services numbers. Concretely, most customers were ready to spend additional money, navigation and comfort connection services in the field of security, navigation and comfort.

That the manufacturers should not be too much time with better marketing, shows another point. For a customer finally used a certain service, this could become an essential factor of his brand loyalty. After all, 20 percent of respondents were sweeping their favorite brand the jerking if a competitor offers the desired offer for otherwise same prices and equipment Gunstiger.

His new movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" may also be exchanged as a bit torrent copy in the network

The opponents of Michael Moore hoped for a spectacular process, but the fat word: as long as it happens for free, for him: P2P and burner free!

Michael Moore has already become clear on his European tour last year: he wrote his books and do not turn his films to become rich, but to show abuses and now concrete to ask Prasident Bush from the woman’s house, which he also with the Buchers and films earned money use coarse part wool. That’s why he said then, especially in connection with the new movie "Fahrenheit 9/11", Uber people who exchange books, audio files and films from him in the net: