Data Protection Officer: The pandemic opened weak in the system

2479 Complaints and 989 Privacy Policy Messages lists the Niedersachsische State Officer for Data Protection, Barbara Thiel FUR 2020. This is a significant increase in 2019, she said to present her annual report.

Complaints had contributed to the increase due to improperly handling with their personal data, which had to be collected for the contact tracking of companies and facilities, it is called in the Technility Report (PDF). Again and again, it gone to the fact that contact lists were freely interpreted and the data was visible for unauthorized persons.

Further topics related to the Coronavirus pandemic are, according to the Annual Report (PDF), the collection of health data through employers and employers, certificates for liberation from mask obligation, privacy work in home office or video conferencing systems have been in schools. The pandemic disclosed the weak in the system, said Thiel. For example, at the beginning of the first wave, only a few schools have been able to make data protection-compliant digital educational offers.

Gitlab 13.3 focuses on security and faster release workflows

The version management platform GITLAB is in version 13.3 appear. The new release sets the focus on security features and simple means, causing code more. Finally, the POD Health Dashboard Administrators should reduce the number of context switches. Hierfer, all pod health primitives of Kubernetes are found in this dashboard.

Fuzz testing as well as dynamic and static testing

The innovations in the security area include so-called coverage-guided applications for continuous fuzz testing, which should make it easier to uncover and resolve weaknesses in C, C ++ and Go efficiently. Here is the suppure of fuzzy from about two months ago. Another Security Aspect is the general availability of the SAST Analyzers (Static Application Security Testing). These help to easily recognize frequent security ies when transferring code and "proactive" fix.

In addition, it has been working to make the Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAY) from the GUI from more convenient. More important, however, is that the existing persons are evidently eliminating vulnerabilities faster by working with the new guidelines on security swallowing the DAST edition.

The Multimillionar and Banana Exporter Alvaro Noboa wins surprisingly the first round of the prasidal elections against the favored link candidate Rafael Correa

Surveys seem to be uphighing in Ecuador as quickly as elected prasides: In the small Sud American country, which spent seven head of state in just ten years, the 43-year-old Linkskandidat Rafael Correa was considered the election of the past Sunday as a clear favorite for the Prasident Office. But the Multimillionar Alvaro Noboa sat on the top surprisingly. For the runoff in November, the Polarized Land thus has to decide for a classically capitalist system or for a left-in-line government who wants to enter into the electricity around Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia.

As with the elections four years ago, where the Populative Ex-Staatsef Lucio Gutierrez convinced last year, surprisingly secured the prasidage, the Ecuadorian surveys were largely located this time. Contrary to all forecasts, the conservative Multimillionar Alvaro Noboa was just against the first favored Linkskandidate Rafael Correa, which thus at a runoff election against each other on 26. November. After the payment of two-thirds of the votes cast is Noboa with around 27 percent in the first place, Correa followed about 23 percent.

The European Parliament agreed on Wednesday a compromise negotiated with the Council to select and approve satellite mobile radio systems

Satellite mobile radio services enables communication between space stations (satellites) and mobile earthfurners – either directly or over-touched ground stations on fixed locations. The International Telecommunications Union – ITU (ITU) has assigned the 2 GHz area of use by satellite mobile radio systems. Radio frequencies in the range of 1980 to 2010 MHz are used for communication from Earth in space and radio frequencies in the range of 2170 to 2200 MHz for communication from space to Earth.

According to a Commission decision of February 2007, Member States shall give up their right to allotize radio frequencies as the ownership of the radio spectrum and provide this frequency bander for a common European-proceedings. In the new legal text, Community procedures for selecting satellite mobile radio operators as well as to grant authorizations by Member States. This is intended to promote the development of a competitive internal market for satellite mobile operations and access, speed and quality of electronic communications services – such as broadband internet or mobile television – in all Member States and, above all, in rural areas.

Hazard source C receipt

Bisphenol S (BPS) or 4,4′-sulfonyl diphenol. Image: Bernd Schroder

Previously used in thermal paper bisphenol A should be replaced, but many alternatives already used have so far been explored

Thermal paper contains potentially toxic additives such as bisphenol A (BPA), which usually serve as color developers for the printing process. Since BPA as a hormone-active substance of the hormone system can cause the health to malfunction, today Oopters are used structurally similar connections as a replacement, such as bisphenol S (BPS), D-8 and Pergafast 201. Until BPS, however, is little known about the dissemination and toxicological effects of these alternatives.

New data about the danger of COVID-19

Image: NIAID / CC BY-2.0

Metaanalysis shows that COVID-19 is also dangerous for persons in the middle age and that almost 90% of the differences in the lethality depend on the age-related composition of the population

In my last article in Telepolis from 8.9.In 2020, I have compiled important facts about the dureness of Covid-19 as a basis for a rational handling of the Coronavirus pandemic (much more danger than the seasonal flu and the deadline for alter men). I have pledged that Covid-19 is much of dangerously than the seasonal flu and especially for old manners.

Arzte Representatives: Corona warning app for health markets Little helpful

In the fight against the Corona Pandemic in Germany, doctrine representatives succeed the effectiveness of the warning app for the work of the health marker as an outside. "Since the data of the app is not automatically forwarded to the health officers, this instrument in its current form is not a rough support in the rapid evidence and occlusion of corona breakouts", said the chairman of the Federal Association of the Doctors of the Public Health Service, Ute Teichert, the newspapers of the Funke Media Group (Thursday).

Privacy against patient protection

The app games "in the everyday work of the German health officers as good as no role."It comes "Rare rarely prefers that an app user reports to us because of a corresponding warning", said Teichert. Politics have decided, "to put the privacy over the pandemieschutz". This must be accepted this way.

Chancellor’s Chief Helge Braun (CDU) had the app on Wednesday 100 days after her start "Gross success story" designated. SAP and Telekom also moved a positive balance after the first 100 days. With around 18 million downloads, she has been downloaded by Ofter as all other corona apps in Europe. According to Health Minister Jens Spahn almost 5000 users have warned their own contacts.