Native co-crossroads back into the crosshairs of the plate industry

The alter generation still knows it: Sitting with the tape train in front of the weekly hit parade or the desired concert and his favorite songs banned with the finger finger on tape. Nostalgia and in the MP3 generation long forgot: "I want everything, and that immediately" – who wants to wait today until "his" song runs? After the exchange bolts are now criminalized, although the early disk exchange on the schoolyard the plate industry has not ruined, the "Slip" suddenly interesting again – and persecuted.

We write the 5. July 1975. Thomas Burnicke sends the weekly hit parade in the third radio program of the Bavarian Radio. In the whole country, the schoolers sit with cassette recorders and tape guards on the radio, because they have no money for plates. It does not stop that Thomas Firicke at the request of the platter industry in each song and also additional "Tape recordings ruin our artists"-Jingles are imported: The illegal shots in the protection of their own apartment just do not want to rub off.

Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron

Image: © Marvel Studios

Why the MABLOSE criticism of alleged "sexism" of the movie does not apply

The second movie around the hero team "Avengers" From Marvel offers reason for criticism. But this sparks on something that is not too short.

Welcome to the jungle

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Nintendos "Donkey Kong Country Returns" For Wii

According to "New Super Mario Bros" in the previous year, Nintendo sends a further continuation of a 2D classic into the race this year with "Donkey Kong Country Returns". Also the game with the well-known video game monkey presents old-minded concepts in modern robe.

Music software ableton live 11 combines electro-beats with real drummers

Until now, when electro musicians wanted to play together with real drummers, the latter usually had to follow the strict tempo specifications of a sequencer. Live performances thus lost much of their spontaneity. Ableton Live 11 aims to simplify human-machine interaction. The just announced new version of the music software brings a follow function with it. This function takes a microphone signal from the drummer at the audio input and adjusts the tempo of the sequencer to the drummer’s tempo.

In the video, Ableton demonstrates how well Live 11 can follow a drummer.

In addition, Live 11 comes with a whole bouquet of new features. Patterns in the internal drum sequencer can now be varied more easily by specifying probabilities and loudness variations for individual beats.

According to a US study, the number of mobile use unconcentrated fubgangers has tripled from 2005 to 2010

Numerous studies have proven that calls with the mobile phone while driving the attention is distracted and risky. Therefore, bans were introduced in many states to use the mobile phone while driving with cars and bicycles. With a handsfree or. However, one may call a headset because then both hands stay on the handlebar, although it is known that even the calls itself distracts attention.

But self-resistant is the use of mobile phones or smartphones not only when driving, but also risky. That already has already occupied studies. Especially old people seem to be called for multitasking, while more young people have fewer problems at least when crossing a simulated strain.