Afd: 'e-mobility is the return to the horse'

Electric drives still have disadvantages for people’s mobility for a long time to come, in the view of Dirk Spaniel, AfD state group leader for Baden-Wurttemberg in the Bundestag. "Electromobility is nothing other than a return to the horse," said the politician and designated transport policy spokesman for the AfD in the Bundestag. He added that it is not only the short range of cars powered by electricity that is problematic. "The hype surrounding electric cars is particularly tricky because only rich people can afford good vehicles. For normal earners, these cars are hardly affordable. And unlike diesels and gasoline-powered cars, there are no cheap used cars on the market," said Spaniel, who used to be a manager at Daimler.

The deputy announced the AfD’s opposition in the Bundestag if the federal government favors electric vehicles for "ideological reasons". The party also wants to investigate whether electric mobility leads to a reduction in climate-damaging carbon dioxide. "We are totally open to results," Spaniel said. He also announced that the party as a whole wants to have the influence of human factors on climate change examined once again. The AfD’s official position so far has been to regard climate change as not man-made.

Now finally official: Samsung SSD 980 Pro with PCIe 4.0

So far, virtually all PCIe-4 are.0-SSDs right away, because they consist of the same components. Samsung now puts a shovel with its own Flash, own SSD controller and its own DRAM: when reading reaches the M.2-SSD 980 per 7 GB / S, when writing a maximum of 5 GB / S – thus the 980 Pro is currently quite lonely at the top.

However, the performance can not hold the SSD for a very long time. Samsung now also sets TLC Flash at the 980 Pro, so memory storing in each cell 3 bit. For the previous PRO models Samsung used faster 2-bit memory (MLC). Therefore, a SLC cache is used at the PRO version, which laminates the slower TLC flash slightly. In practice you will rarely notice something of it; Even after a few minutes lasting letter, the crying rate was still more than 2 GB / S. With our test model with 1 TByte, the SLC cache has a coarse of 114 GB, only when it is full, the screens decreases.

Even with access to random addresses, the 980 PRO is up to 850.000 IOPS when reading or 780.000 IOPs when writing in areas that you will never use in a desktop system. But even at low request depths that occur much more often in typical PC operation, she passes most of the other SSDs. The 980 Pro also works in PCIe-3.0 systems, but of course slower. Nevertheless, according to Samsung, in some disciplines, she should be faster than the PCIe-3.0 models 970 Evo Plus or 970 Pro.

Music software ableton live 11 combines electro-beats with real drummers

Until now, when electro musicians wanted to play together with real drummers, the latter usually had to follow the strict tempo specifications of a sequencer. Live performances thus lost much of their spontaneity. Ableton Live 11 aims to simplify human-machine interaction. The just announced new version of the music software brings a follow function with it. This function takes a microphone signal from the drummer at the audio input and adjusts the tempo of the sequencer to the drummer’s tempo.

In the video, Ableton demonstrates how well Live 11 can follow a drummer.

In addition, Live 11 comes with a whole bouquet of new features. Patterns in the internal drum sequencer can now be varied more easily by specifying probabilities and loudness variations for individual beats.

Radio sconces: Federal Network Agency Step 2020 in Uber 3500 fall

The Pruf and Measurement Service (PMD) of the Federal Network Agency was reflected in a good 3500 last year in order to clarify and eliminate radio sights as well as electromagnetic interstacements. This often means that about wildly sparkling end devices and WLAN routers must be taken over.

According to the Federal Network Agency, every fourth disruption concerned a security or system-relevant radio service, as registrations and organizations operate with security tasks, for example. In the public mobile networks alone, the PMD processed around 460 disturbances to ensure high availability of network infrastructure for mobile phones.

In 2019, the inspectors still had to be active in almost 4,000, 2018 in around 4700. The fact that the PMD is less often intervention in the previous year, during further reduced disruption, despite increasing frequency uses or restrictions and setting priorities during the corona crisis. For 2019, the author also reported separately that the PMD in the Uber 1200 also falls in the private environment for about Wi-Fi, DSL connections or devices such as wireless headhorasses, car clasters and garage door officers had eliminated.

According to a US study, the number of mobile use unconcentrated fubgangers has tripled from 2005 to 2010

Numerous studies have proven that calls with the mobile phone while driving the attention is distracted and risky. Therefore, bans were introduced in many states to use the mobile phone while driving with cars and bicycles. With a handsfree or. However, one may call a headset because then both hands stay on the handlebar, although it is known that even the calls itself distracts attention.

But self-resistant is the use of mobile phones or smartphones not only when driving, but also risky. That already has already occupied studies. Especially old people seem to be called for multitasking, while more young people have fewer problems at least when crossing a simulated strain.