Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron

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Why the MABLOSE criticism of alleged "sexism" of the movie does not apply

The second movie around the hero team "Avengers" From Marvel offers reason for criticism. But this sparks on something that is not too short.

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm leads power change at the top

At the chip concier Qualcomm take over an expert for 5G data radio the boss. The 50-year Christiano Amon Lost Steve Mollenkopf, who successfully brought the company through a series of legal turbulence.

Amon has been a driving force behind the efforts of Qualcomm in recent years, to make a leading player in the business with 5G technology. Among other things, 5G modems of Qualcomm in the this-year models of Apple’s iPhone. Previously, there had been a year-catching patent dispute between the two companies that was settled in 2019 with an agreement. The license agreement concluded between Apple and Qualcomm is now up to 2025, Apple is already working on its own iPhone modems.

Defended business with patent licenses

In Mollenkopfs Terms, Qualcomm also succeeded in defending his business model against a lawsuit of the US competitive workhorage FTC. According to the judgment of a US Court of Appeal, the Group may continue to depend on the chip purchase with him from the acquisition of a far-reaching patent license. The business with patent licenses is the second – and lucrative – pillar of Qualcomm next to the chip sale.

Data Protection Officer: The pandemic opened weak in the system

2479 Complaints and 989 Privacy Policy Messages lists the Niedersachsische State Officer for Data Protection, Barbara Thiel FUR 2020. This is a significant increase in 2019, she said to present her annual report.

Complaints had contributed to the increase due to improperly handling with their personal data, which had to be collected for the contact tracking of companies and facilities, it is called in the Technility Report (PDF). Again and again, it gone to the fact that contact lists were freely interpreted and the data was visible for unauthorized persons.

Further topics related to the Coronavirus pandemic are, according to the Annual Report (PDF), the collection of health data through employers and employers, certificates for liberation from mask obligation, privacy work in home office or video conferencing systems have been in schools. The pandemic disclosed the weak in the system, said Thiel. For example, at the beginning of the first wave, only a few schools have been able to make data protection-compliant digital educational offers.

Cyber attack with ransomware: gross pipeline in the US continued to shut down

After the most important gasoline pipeline was temporarily shut down between Texas and New York as a result of a cyber attack, the worries grow before a long-lasting standstill. In addition, more backgrounds are released over the attack. For example, the BBC reports on several unnamed sources that the attack is carried out on the Ransomware Darkside. The attackers have therefore tackled 100 gigabytes of data and want to force a loose ground, otherwise they were published.

Cyberattack on critical infrastructure

The weekend had become known that Colonial pipeline had switched off the same lead on Friday as a consequence of a cyber attack. The above 8800 kilometers of pipeline is mainly linked to the Kuste of the Gulf of Mexico refineries with the south and the east of the USA. According to own data, the company transports about 45 percent of all fuels consumed at the Eastern Custe and supplies more than 50 million Americans. How long she remains shut down is not present, but according to BBC, it becomes problematic if it will not be put back into operation until Tuesday. Then the prices on the petrol stations could rise and smaller airport could go out the kerosene.

The news agency Reuters also reports that an Errbergmalware is to be stuck from Darkside behind the cyber attack. Insiders therefore report that the attackers have tackled 100 gigabytes to data and threaten with the publication should not be paid. Colonial pipeline itself also speaks of ransomware, so it was allowed to have also been cased and systems are not usable. While the one in the attack looks a further proof of how vulnerable the critical infrastructure in the US is, others point out that in this method, the infrastructure itself was open, but its operator.

Welcome to the jungle

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Nintendos "Donkey Kong Country Returns" For Wii

According to "New Super Mario Bros" in the previous year, Nintendo sends a further continuation of a 2D classic into the race this year with "Donkey Kong Country Returns". Also the game with the well-known video game monkey presents old-minded concepts in modern robe.

Streamview brings Nokia TV for 300 to 1200 euros as well as streaming box

The Easter-Rich manufacturer StreamView brings a series of smart TVs and a streaming box under the licensed brand name Nokia in the European trade. Six models represent 3840 × 2160 pixels (ultra HD) from seven televisions; Only a 32-Zoller gifts with 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD). The top model is 75 inches roughly.

All seven smart TVs come with pre-installed Android 9 as operating system. They show 60 Hertz, lights depending on the model with 250 to 350 cd / m² and process 10 bits per color channel. The indicated 178 degree viewing angles speak for VA panels. HDMI-2.0 ports transfer Ultra-HD signals with 60 Hertz – each one indicates by ARC function (Audio Return Channel) sound to AV receivers, even if the TV internal streaming apps are used.

USB-2.0 ports, optical sound outputs, Ethernet, pawl connections, Wi-Fi 5 (WLAN 802.11AC), Bluetooth 4.2, stereo speakers with 6 to 14 watts output power and triple tuner for DVB-T2, DVC-C and DVB-S2 round off the equipment.

New design:'ipad air 4' braucht noch ein weilchen'ipad air 4' braucht noch ein weilchen

Fresh Apple Tablets have already existed this year: Apple presented in the early year new iPad Pro models. The iPad Air has not happened since the last generation of 2019 but nothing more. According to new frames from Asia, a new edition of the Mittelmaktablet could still take. The reason: Apple plans extensive change of change. Delivery date is alleged Marz 2021.

"A14" from the "iPhone 12"

Like the Chinese-speaking medium Mydrivers from the "foreign" If the supply chain wanted to learn, Apple liked when "ipad air 4" Orient strongly on the iPad Pro line. This is allegedly applicable to the design as well as the functions of the tablet. As a system-on-chip is supposedly a variant of the coming "A14"-Chips from the "iPhone 12" planned, which appeared in autumn.

In addition, Apple is scheduling to build a Smart Connector, among other things, so that a new Magic Keyboard fits the tablet. In addition, four speakers are planned plus the change from the Lightning connection to the USB C-Port.

Transport Minister Alexander Dobindt (CSU) Kundiger on Wednesday, he will propose a different model of short-term tariffs for ten days and two months in the coalition. Previously, the SPD had led to a passing of the toll laws in the coming week to conditions. Experts criticized in an appeal, however, central points of the tarp. The opposition called for a stop of the toll.

SPD factions vice Soren Bartol said, without changes to the law, there will be no consent of his party. In addition to corrections for short-term tariffs, the SPD wants to send a burocracy and revenue check after two years. In addition, storage periods should be curtured for motorist data in the toll controls over an electronic number plate adjustment.

To the planned toll rates for ten days (10 euros) and two months (22 euros) there had already been skeptical signals from Brussel. These fixed prices compared to the variable annuality for inland are considered a possible disadvantage of drivers from abroad. Dobrindt said, conceivable could be certain okost levels as at the annual effort. Their price depends on environmentally damnability and engine grid. Inland, in general, to pay annual ball.

Web standard for accessibility WCAG 3.0: First draft is available

The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AG WG) has a first draft W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0. These guidelines provide information about how web content, apps and tools for people with disabilities can be made easier accessible. They were first adopted in 1999 in version 1 as a W3C Recommendation.

More flexibility and easier understanding

The first design for version 3 brings some changes compared to version 2 of the WCAG. The working group liked the guidelines to adapt that users can understand them better. In addition, they should respond more to the different types of web content, apps and tools as well as the needs of people with disabilities. The design of the working group introduces a valuation model to encourage website operators to deal with accessibility closely and further improve.

The first design of the Requirements for WCAG 3.0 includes a suggestion for a new name, scope, structure and a new conformity model – "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines" target "W3C Accessibility Guidelines" will. W3C is developing for World Wide Web Consortium, which develops technical specifications and guidelines for the provision and use of the World Wide Web (WWW).

Sick, dangerous brains?

At the third Telepolis conversation, it is all about the focus of psychic dismeasures as well as criminal behavior. According to the latest estimates. 40% of all Europeans within a year at at least one psychological disruption. As before, many medications are prescribed.

Telepolis Speech 3

According to the widespread biological model, these traces are based on a functional location of the brain or adverse gene variants. However, research is by no means undisputable and it remains the question of whether the biological level is the best for the treatment of mentally instructed people.

For crime behavior, a similar discussion is carried. Some brain researchers and psychologists represent a new biological view of the dangerous people. In recent years, many gene and brain variants have been found, which should be associated with an increased risk of criminal behavior. However, the effects of this are small and there is no strict deterministic crime gene or brain area.